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Let's Talk ConvMixer Architecture. What it is? Why you should use it? And how you can use it?
Burhanuddin Rangwala
YOLOv5 Object Detection on Windows (Step-By-Step Tutorial)
Dave Davies
Debugging a Self-Driving RC Car
Armand du Parc Locmaria
SBX Robotics: Synthetic Training Data & Scene Composition with Tables
Artem @ SBX Robotics
How Gradio and W&B Work Beautifully Together
Abubakar Abid
Training a Remote Controlled Car to Drive Itself
Justin Tenuto
Is ImageNet21k a Better Dataset for Transfer Learning in Steganalysis?
Yassine Yousfi
Predicting Lung Disease with Binary Classification on the NIH Chest X-ray Dataset
Ayush Thakur
Paper Reading Group: EfficientNetV2: Smaller Models and Faster Training
Andrea Pessl
Weights & Biases at CVPR 2021
Andrea Pessl
Fine-Grained Image Classification (FGIC) with B-CNNs
Rajesh Shreedhar Bhat, Souradip Chakraborty
How Well Can a CNN Detect Architectural Style?
Mason Sanders
Funnel Activation for Visual Recognition (CVPR 2020)
Manoj Manjhari
Lyft's High-Capacity End-to-End Camera-Lidar Fusion for 3D Detection
Weights & Biases Case Studies
Dynamic R-CNN: Towards High Quality Object Detection via Dynamic Training (ECCV 2020)
Overview: Neural Scene Flow Fields (NSFF) for Space-Time View Synthesis of Dynamic Scenes
Ayush Thakur
Image Generation Based on Abstract Concepts Using CLIP + BigGAN
Hao Hao Tan
How to Handle Images of Different Sizes in a Convolutional Neural Network
Ayush Thakur
Speaker Verification and GAN Face Detection
Max L
Creating 3D Meshes with Neural ODEs
Adrish Dey
One-Shot Free-View Neural Talking-Head Synthesis for Video Conferencing
Ayush Thakur
Reproducible Models with Weights & Biases
Diganta Misra
Exploring Adaptive Gradient Clipping and NFNets
Ayush Thakur
Automating Animations with the Help of Robust In-Betweening
Ayush Thakur
Real Time Social Distance Detector
Piyush Thakur, Sudarshana Dutta
Tables Tutorial: Visualize Data for Image Classification
Stacey Svetlichnaya
[Overview] Taming Transformers for High-Resolution Image Synthesis
Ayush Thakur
Intro to Meta-Learning
Stacey Svetlichnaya
Adrish Dey
Information Extraction From Documents
Tulasi Ram Laghumavarapu
[Overview] X-Fields: Implicit Neural View-, Light- and Time-Image Interpolation
Ayush Thakur
Show and Tell
Aritra Roy Gosthipaty, Devjyoti Chakraborty
Finetuning DETR (Object Detection with Transformers) on Tensorflow - A step by step tutorial
Thibault Neveu
The Science of Debugging with W&B Reports
Sarah Jane
Paper Summary: One Shot 3D Photography
Ayush Thakur
Introducing Quickvision with Wide Residual Networks
Saurav Maheshkar
Retiming Instances in a Video
Ayush Thakur
The Sky Is In Our Grasp!
Ayush Thakur
Overview: Egocentric Videoconferencing
Ayush Thakur
Transfer Learning Using PyTorch Lightning
Ayush Thakur
Kaggle License Plate Detection
Aritra Roy Gosthipaty
Overview: A Reduced-Precision Network for Image Reconstruction
Ayush Thakur
Overview: Instance Aware Image Colorization
Ayush Thakur
Track and debug your YOLOv5 models
Ayush Chaurasia
YOLOv5 COCO128 Tutorial Results
Glenn Jocher
Survival of the Fittest CNN Model
Aritra Roy Gosthipaty, Puja Roychowdhury
IceVision meets W&B
AI Fast Track
Image Classification using PyTorch Lightning
Ayush Thakur
Object Localization with Keras and W&B
Ayush Thakur
In-Domain GAN Inversion for Real Image Editing
Ayush Thakur
Metric Learning for Image Search
Ayush Thakur
Image Segmentation Using Keras and W&B
Ayush Thakur
Rewriting a Deep Generative Model: An Overview
Ayush Thakur
The Evolution Of Mobile CNN Architectures
Carlo Lepelaars
Melanoma Detection Using Weights & Biases
Anshul Sharma
Part 2: Deep Representations, a way towards neural style transfer
Aritra Roy Gosthipaty, Devjyoti Chakraborty
Part 1: Deep Representations, a way towards neural style transfer
Aritra Roy Gosthipaty, Devjyoti Chakraborty
DeepFaceDrawing: An Overview
Ayush Thakur
Cute Animals and Post-Modern Style Transfer: StarGAN v2 for Multi-Domain Image Synthesis
Stacey Svetlichnaya
Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning with SwAV
Ayush Thakur, Sayak Paul
Tips for Kagglers From A Solo Silver Medal Winner
Aman Dalmia
An Introduction to Adversarial Examples in Deep Learning
Sayak Paul
Text Recognition With CRNN-CTC Network
Rajesh Shreedhar Bhat
Boris Dayma
Towards Representation Learning for an Image Retrieval Task
Aritra Roy Gosthipaty, Souradip Chakraborty
Improving Image Classifiers With Supervised Contrastive Learning
Sweta Shaw, Sayak Paul
Measuring Mode Collapse in GANs
Kevin Shen
Modern Data Augmentation Techniques for Computer Vision
Ayush Thakur
Hiding In Plain Sight: Deep Steganography
Ayush Chaurasia
Adversarial Latent Autoencoders
Ayush Thakur, Sairam Sundaresan
DeepForm: Track Political Advertising with Deep Learning
Stacey Svetlichnaya
The Al-Dente Neural Network: Part I
Sairam Sundaresan
Generating Digital Painting Lighting Effects via RGB-space Geometry
Ayush Thakur
Towards Self-Supervised Image Understanding with SimCLR
Sayak Paul
Two Shots to Green Screen: Collage With Deep Learning
Stacey Svetlichnaya
Drought Watch Benchmark Progress
Stacey Svetlichnaya
Interpretability in Deep Learning With W&B - CAM and GradCAM
Ayush Thakur
Bounding Boxes for Object Detection
Stacey Svetlichnaya
Image Masks for Semantic Segmentation
Stacey Svetlichnaya
COVID-19 research using PyTorch and W&B
Lavanya Shukla
Video to 3D: Depth Perception for Self-Driving Cars
Stacey Svetlichnaya
The View from the Driver's Seat
Stacey Svetlichnaya
Track Model Performance
Lavanya Shukla
Towards Deep Generative Modeling with W&B
Ayush Thakur
Can Neural Image Generators Be Detected?
Lavanya Shukla
How Efficient is EfficientNet?
Ajay Arasanipalai
An Introduction to Image Inpainting using Deep Learning
Sayak Paul
Curriculum Learning in Nature
Stacey Svetlichnaya
Fashion MNIST
Stacey Svetlichnaya
Classify the Natural World
Stacey Svetlichnaya
Colorizing Black and White Images
Nicholas Bardy
RNNs for Video Understanding