Log ROC, PR curves and Confusion Matrices with W&B

Publish your model insights with interactive plots for performance metrics, predictions, and hyperparameters. Made by Lavanya Shukla using Weights & Biases
Lavanya Shukla


You can now log precision recall and ROC curves, and confusion matrices natively using Weights & Biases. You can also use our heatmaps to create attention maps.

Try it out in a colab notebook →

ROC and PR curves in wandb.log()

Heat Maps

Heatmaps that can be used to make attention maps, confusion matrices et all.

# ExplainText

         matrix_values (arr): 2D dataset of shape x_labels * y_labels, containing
                            heatmap values that can be coerced into an ndarray.
         x_labels  (list): Named labels for rows (x_axis).
         y_labels  (list): Named labels for columns (y_axis).
         show_text (bool): Show text values in heatmap cells.
wandb.log({'heatmap_with_text': wandb.plots.HeatMap(x_labels, y_labels, matrix_values, show_text=False)})

Here's an example of the attention maps for a Neural Machine Translation model that converts from english → french. We draw attention maps at the 2nd, 20th epochs and 100th. Here we can see that the model starts out by not knowing which words to pay attention to (and uses <res> to predict all words, and slowly learns which ones to pay attention to over the course of the next 100 epochs.