Export Your Data from W&B

Lukas Biewald

We're excited to announce our latest highly requested feature! You can now export tables, graphs and reports to CSV, LaTeX and PDF. Here are some examples of how you can export data easily from the Weights & Biases UI.

Export a graph to CSV

In any graph, click on the arrow in the upper right and click “Panel Export”.

You’ll see a popup table with the underlying data - click Save as CSV to start the CSV download.

Export a table to CSV

In a table click the “Export Table” button in the upper right corner.

Export a report to PDF

In a report, click the “Download as LaTeX” link.

This will download a zip file with a report.tex and images of your panels attached. The .tex file is a latex file that you can modify to style your document. You can load the zip file into Overleaf.com and use their visual editor, or you can download pdflatex and run ‘pdflatext report.tex’ to generate a report.pdf file.

Here’s an example of an exported LaTeX report:

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