Fastbook reading
As part of this book, you’ll dive progressively further into deep learning theory to gain a complete understanding of the algorithms behind the scenes.
Weekly sessions
Join us for guided fastbook reading sessions for the next 20 weeks hosted by Aman Arora.
Upcoming special guests
We will be joined by Zachary Mueller, Sanyam Bhutani & Tanishq Abraham, fastai alumni who'll present guest lectures on their amazing projects & will be around to answer all your related questions!
Why to join?
This hands-on guide demonstrates, programmers comfortable with Python can achieve impressive results in deep learning with little math background, small amounts of data, and minimal code.
What is fastbook?
It is a hands-on-guide for an introduction to deep learning written by Jeremy Howard and Sylvain Gugger. The first half of this book is also taught as a 2020 version of the very popular MOOC studied by hundreds of thousands of students, from all walks of life & all parts of the world - "Practical Deep Learning for Coders" by!
What will I learn?
* Train models in computer vision, natural language processing, tabular data, and collaborative filtering
* Learn the latest deep learning techniques that matter most in practice
* Improve accuracy, speed, and reliability by understanding how deep learning models work
* Discover how to turn your models into web applications
* Implement deep learning algorithms from scratch
* Consider the ethical implications of your work