W&B Deployment Options

W&B SaaS Cloud

Our most popular deployment option. A multi-tenant SaaS offering that allows you access to a fast, secure version of W&B with all of the latest features.

  • Automatic updates, maintenance, and scaling with our 24/7 SRE team
  • Data isolation, down to the team level
  • SOC2 Type 2 certification
  • SSO support

W&B Dedicated Cloud

For customers with sensitive use cases or stringent enterprise security requirements, Dedicated Cloud provides an isolated environment where your data lives alone.

  • Automatic updates, maintenance, and scaling with our 24/7 SRE team
  • Dedicated hardware resources in your AWS or GCP region of choice
  • SSO support

W&B Customer Managed

Whether on your own customer-managed cloud or on-prem servers, deploy and manage Weights & Biases the way you want to.

Build reproducible, explainable models with Weights & Biases