AMA with Adam & Eric from NVIDIA

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Andrea Pessl

Get to know our guests!

Eric Harper is a Senior Deep Learning Engineer working on NVIDIA NeMo. NeMo is a Conversational AI toolkit that specializes in training large deep learning models in the ASR, TTS, and NLP domain. The NeMo team consists mainly of Applied Research Scientists that are creating the state-of-the-art in Conversational AI.
Adam Tetelman is a Senior Product Architect leading efforts with DGX-Ready Software, NVIDIA Base Command Platform, and other Enterprise AI Products. He has 15 years experience in AI, Infrastructure, Cloud, DevOps, and MLOps; including deployments of several of the world's leading Top500 Supercomputers.

Overview of NVIDIA Base Command

NVIDIA Base Command Platform is the default training platform for NeMo research scientists. It’s used to train ASR, NLP, and TTS models. Any NeMo user can automatically log their experiments to WANDB.

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