PyTorch Book Reading Group

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Rajne Kumari
After a successful tenure of ten weeks, our PyTorch book reading group ended on Sunday, October 24th.

Our PyTorch journey

🔥 We started this journey by hosting the author, one of the core developers of PyTorch: Thomas Viehmann, where he shed light on how to make most of Pytorch community resources using forums, examples, reading library. Going forward, we explored the best book on PyTorch, 📖"Deep Learning with PyTorch by @ManningBooks." We learned the basics, trained neural networks, studied CT Scans, finally brought all the pieces together for an end-to-end pipeline, and understood various deployment options.

Thank you

💛 We extend our gratitude to the incredible authors Eli Stevens, Luca Antiga & Thomas Viehmann, and Manning publications for providing us with the opportunity. It's been an insane and memorable journey.
And a big thank you to our fantastic host, Sanyam Bhutani, all participants, and forum contributors for making this journey absolutely fun and knowledgeable.

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📍Forum threads for each session is here.