W&B Events for the Week of August 30

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Andrea Pessl

Aug 30, 8am PT - Chai Time Kaggle Talks

We hosted the 5th position 🥇 medalling & prize winning team from the SIIM-FISABIO-RSNA COVID-19 Detection @kaggle Competition!
W&B's host, Sanyam Bhutani and our guests Ayushman Buragohain, Nischay Dhankhar & Shivam Gupta talked about he competition's challenges, a deep dive into the codebase and did a Q&A!
📍 http://wandb.me/kaggle-talks-playlist

Sept 1, 8pm PT - fastbook Reading Group

This week was week 14 and we're still going strong. If you've missed any previous session, rewatch our host, Aman Arora dissecting each chapter of fastbook!
📍Registration: http://wandb.me/fastbook
🎥Playlist: http://wandb.me/fastbook-recordings

Sept 3, 8am PT, Live Coding Session

We had a live coding session with our Deep Learning Educator, Charley Frye! We got deep into Jeremy Howard's tutorial 'What is torch.nn really?'
Why rewatch?
You will come away knowing more about Python, PyTorch, & training deep neural networks using those libraries!

Sept 4, 8am PT, Chai Time Kaggle Talks

Moving up 1000 positions during the last 3 days of the Kaggle Competition?
Find out how Shahul & Vignesh managed to come in on the 40th Pos Team from the CommonLit Kaggle Competition!
🎥 Rewatch here!

Sept 5, 8am PT - PyTorch Reading Group

A while ago our community voted for the 'Deep Learning w/ PyTorch' book to be discussed at our next study group.
We were in week 2, & continued w/ Neural Networks in PyTorch & started diving into ConvNets.
📍 Join ongoing sessions: http://wandb.me/pytorch-reading
🎥 Catch up with previous weeks: http://wandb.me/pytorch-playlist

Next week Sept 9, 10am PT - Webinar on PyTorch

If you've ever wished you had a better handle on the details of just what is happening in your PyTorch code, or if you've ever hit a wall with getting better performance out of it, this webinar is for you!
📍 wandb.me/webinar-registration