W&B Events for the Week of November 15

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Rajne Kumari

Nov 18th, 10am PT - Webinar: How to Handle Compliance Requirements in ML

In this talk Aman Arora covered best practices to structure & track experiments and how to meet regulatory guidelines in ML and also demoed a robust framework to structure experiments with W&B.
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Nov 20, 11:30am CET - Chai Time Kaggle Talk w/CR7 team

In this session of Chai Time Kaggle Talk, Sanyam Bhutani interviewed Sahil & Nikhil from the Gold medaling team and learnt about their approach of coming up with a transformer-based system and experimenting with ideas. We also learned about their process to Kaggle in general and this competition, their framework of collaboration, and approaching a competition.
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Nov 20, 7:30am PT - Chai Time Kaggle Talk: Ventilator Pressure Prediction Winning Solution w Gilles

In this Chai Time Kaggle Talk, Sanyam interviewed Kaggle Master GIlles about his Kaggle journey. We also learned about their team's winning solution to the Google Brain, Ventilator Pressure Prediction Comp.
We learned how they combined CNNs, LSTMs, Transformer Models and PID matching to finish on the top of the LB
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