W&B Events for the Week of November 29

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Rajne Kumari

Nov 30, 9am PT - AMA w/ Ines Montani

Our third AMA was with the amazing Ines Montani, a software developer working on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies, and the co-founder and CEO of Explosion. In 2020, she became a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation.
She was joined by our host Sanyam Bhutani for a live interview session talking about software development, programming until four in the morning in her pyjamas, startups and & making the best possible products.
👉Reread questions here: wandb.me/ama-ines-montani-thread

Dec 2, 10am PT - Webinar: Visualise ML Workflows using W&B with Streamlit

Together with Anish Shah we dug a little deeper on how to use our favorite tools without the need to compromise for productionization & operation.
We discussed how to 🔬 Visualize ML Workflows using W&B with Streamlit ✨
🐝 Registration for upcoming sessions: http://wandb.me/webinar-registration