W&B Events for the Week of November 8

Publish your model insights with interactive plots for performance metrics, predictions, and hyperparameters. Made by Rajne Kumari using Weights & Biases
Rajne Kumari

Nov 8-11th, 12am PT - Weights & Biases at NVIDIA GTC

We were extraordinarily thrilled to be contributing with two talks at NVIDIA GTC!

👑Lavanya Shukla talked about best practices for cataloging and versioning datasets, visually and interactively analyzing model predictions data, and co-mingling rich media to derive meaningful insights. Learn to confidently make faster, more informed decisions about how to optimize your data and model training pipelines
😎Charles Frye demonstrated how you can use the PyTorch profiler to track sub-microsecond details of your network's execution on the CPU and GPU simultaneously, allowing to recognize bottlenecks and make better decisions. We'll also see how to save, compare and share these profiles using tools in W&B.
📍Register here: www.nvidia.com/gtc
👉Head here to know more about W&B's talks: http://wandb.me/gtc-2021-talks

Nov 10, 6:00am PT - Meetup: PyData Tunisia Talk w/ Morgan

In this session, Morgan focused on how to initialize a project and log metrics, Sweeps and Feature Importance. We will be working with Scikit Learn on a custom dataset and evaluation will happen on Kaggle, all of these on the PyData Tunisia accounts.
👉Check out the community: https://www.meetup.com/pydata-tunisia/