W&B Events for the Week of October 18th

Publish your model insights with interactive plots for performance metrics, predictions, and hyperparameters. Made by Rajne Kumari using Weights & Biases
Rajne Kumari

Oct 19th, 10:00am PT - Paper Reading Group

After a short break, we're back with a fresh season of PRG. In this session we looked at the Squeeze-and-Excitation networks. We referred to the research paper by Hu et al and understood what Squeeze-and-Excitation networks are and going ahead implemented the novel architecture in PyTorch with very few modifications to the popular ResNet architecture.
📍Registration: wandb.me/prg

Oct 21st, 10am PT - Webinar

In this webinar we fine tuned DistilBERT to detect ungrammatical sentences using Pytorch Lightning and Huggingface, and using W&B to track our model performance, optimize our hyperparameters, and precisely track the inputs and outputs of each stage in our pipeline.
📍 wandb.me/webinar-registration

Oct 24th, 8am PT - PyTorch Reading group

This was the last week of PyTorch Reading group and we successfully put all of the learning blocks together and completed our end to end pipeline. We'll also covered the deployment chapter.
📍 Register for the Reading Group: http://wandb.me/pytorch-reading
🎥 Catch up with previous weeks: http://wandb.me/pytorch-playlist