W&B Events for the Week of September 13th

Publish your model insights with interactive plots for performance metrics, predictions, and hyperparameters. Made by Rajne Kumari using Weights & Biases
Rajne Kumari

Sept 15, 8:00pm PT - fastbook Reading Group

Fastbook Reading Group was at a break this week and and will start next Wednesday at a new time. Starting next week, all sessions would now be at:
⏰ Wednesdays, 10am PT / 7pm CET / 10:30pm IST

Sept 18, 9:00am PT - Community Hangout: Forum Launch Party

After a fulfilling journey of learning and mastering our ML skills with y'all, we're super excited to host our first community hangout with W&B's host, Sanyam Bhutani!
In this event we celebrated our community and interacted with the incredible fastbook, PyTorch study groups and socialized with our community.
📍Registration: http://wandb.me/hangout

Sept 19, 8:00am PT - PyTorch Reading Group

Time flies, this was already the 4th week of our PyTorch Reading Group!
📍 Join ongoing sessions: http://wandb.me/pytorch-reading
🎥 Catch up with previous weeks: http://wandb.me/pytorch-playlist

Sept 23, 10am PT - Webinar "Reproducible NLP Experiments with spaCy and W&B"

It sometimes feels like people doing machine learning think that reproducible experiments are a myth. In this webinar Scott Condron will show how to use W&B to make this easy.
📍 Registration: http://wandb.me/webinar-registration