W&B Study Group: fastai w/ Hugging Face

A Hugging Face course study group for fastai developers looking to leverage fastai to train and and deploy Transformers. . Made by Andrea Pessl using W&B
Andrea Pessl
Covering a chapter per week, we'll be exploring ways fastai can be used to accomplish the same tasks covered in each section, moving from data preparation to fine-tuning and finally to deploying your fastai trained models to the Hugging Face model hub.
To make things just that more interesting and fun, several competitions (maybe even with prizes) will be available to folks who stick with the group to the end.

Prerequisites - what should I know to join:

1. Basic knowledge of Python
2. Basic knowledge of fastai (e.g., Made it through the first 7 chapters of the fastbook and/or through part 1 of the latest course)

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