Webinar: W&B x NVIDIA Base Command Platform

Publish your model insights with interactive plots for performance metrics, predictions, and hyperparameters. Made by Andrea Pessl using Weights & Biases
Andrea Pessl

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Weights & Biases is teaming with NVIDIA to extend capabilities of NVIDIA Base Command Platform, a premium AI development experience and world-class infrastructure solution, to include experimentation management, data versioning, model visualization, and more with the Weights & Biases MLOps platform.

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Join Markus Weber, Sr. Marketing Manager at NVIDIA and Chris Van Pelt, CVP and co-founder at W&B.

Register for Aug 12, 10am PT

šŸ”„ We will demonstrate the power of Base Command and W&B by launching a sweep into Base Command and monitoring the results live in W&B.
In this webinar, you will hear about: