Speed, Scale and Simplicity: Weights & Biases Teams Up with NVIDIA to Accelerate Machine Learning

We're thrilled to an inaugural partner for NVIDIA's Base Command Platform. Here's why:. Made by Lukas Biewald using Weights & Biases
Lukas Biewald

Weights and Biases' MLOps Platform Is Ready to Use with NVIDIA Base Command Platform

Today we’re excited to announce our integration with NVIDIA Base Command™ Platform, a hosted AI development hub that gives enterprises instant access to state-of-the-art AI infrastructure.

World-class machine learning requires managing both infrastructure and the models themselves.

NVIDIA Base Command Platform is exceptional at facilitating large-scale, multi-user, multi-team development workflows, and includes access to fully managed AI infrastructure with NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD and NetApp integrated data management.
Base Command Platform features a cloud-based user interface, a command line API, and integrated monitoring and reporting dashboards to accelerate the AI development lifecycle. NVIDIA developed the platform to power the work of its research teams around the world.
Weights & Biases adds a best-in-class MLOps platform that lets large-scale enterprise AI teams visualize and understand their model performance, track data lineage, and collaboratively iterate on models together.
“Making AI accessible to every enterprise requires solutions that simplify the complexity of advanced application workloads and performance,” said Stephan Fabel, senior director of product management for Base Command Platform at NVIDIA. “Instant access to the power of an NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD with Base Command Platform and MLOps tools from Weights & Biases makes it easier than ever for companies to ensure AI moves quickly from development to production.”
With the record-breaking performance of NVIDIA’s DGX SuperPOD infrastructure coupled with W&B’s lightweight, interoperable solution, enterprises can easily analyze and iterate on datasets, evaluate model performance, reproduce models, visualize results and spot regressions, as well as share findings and collaborate with colleagues in real-time.
W&B works seamlessly with the NVIDIA Base Command Platform, simply ensure the wandb library is installed in your container and login with your account at wandb.com.
“We founded Weights & Biases to help teams make machine learning work in the real world, so I love the fact that Base Command Platform makes it easy for enterprises to access the power of an NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD,” said Lukas Biewald, CEO of Weights & Biases. “This collaboration with NVIDIA gives Base Command Platform users instant access to the Weights & Biases MLOps platform, which will give enterprises a complete record of every model they trained and every dataset they used.”
At Weights & Biases, our mission is to build the best end-to-end platform for machine learning. We help teams of all sizes train better models on any kind of data in any environment. We are part of the new standard of best practices for machine learning and are trusted by researchers including teams at NVIDIA, Qualcomm, OpenAI, Lyft, Pfizer, Toyota, Github, and MILA.
You can contact us at lavanyashukla@wandb.ai if you have any questions.

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