Weights & Biases at auto.ai Berlin conference

We're excited to be present at auto.ai this year Sept 27-28 in Germany's capital Berlin. . Made by Andrea Pessl using Weights & Biases
Andrea Pessl
Come join us - in person or virtually!
For those attending the conference in person or virtually - catch us at our booth or at one of our World Café Sessions. We'll discuss your experience with crafting reliable and repeatable ML pipelines for AV.
👉 https://www.auto-ai.eu/

Scavenger hunt

We've got a fun scavenger hunt going on. Find all instructions at and how to win a fancy price here 🚗 🌬wandb.me/autoai-swag

What does Weights & Biases have to do with autonomous driving?

Here are some useful resources on how other industry leaders of the automotive industry used W&B to accelerate research and achieve better results:
For more you can dive into Stacey Svetlichnaya's report on how Weights & Biases is used for applied computer vision and helps with debugging your models, collaboration across your team and how you can share results in the form of a report with leadership.

The View from the Driver's Seat ⬇️