W&B Events for the Week of September 6

Publish your model insights with interactive plots for performance metrics, predictions, and hyperparameters. Made by Rajne Kumari using Weights & Biases
Rajne Kumari

Sept 7, 8pm PT - Paper Reading Group

In this event the winner model of the ImageNet challenge in 2015 was discussed. The fundamental breakthrough with ResNet was, that it allowed us to train extremely deep neural networks with 150+ layers successfully. Prior to ResNet, traing very deep neural networks was difficult due to the problem of vanishing gradients.
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Sept 8, 8pm PT - fastbook Reading Group

This week was week 15 of the legendary fastbook Reading Group & we're still going strong. If you've missed any previous session, rewatch our host, Aman Arora dissecting each chapter of fastbook!
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Sept 9, 10am PT - Webinar on PyTorch

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In this webinar, our Deep Learning Educator Charles Frye demonstrated the new W&B integration with the PyTorch Profiler, which provides micro-second level details about what's happening on the CPU and GPU when your neural networks are running. Using W&B, you can dive deep into these performance-critical details for individual experiments, directly and interactively compare the performance characteristics of your experiments, and share your results with your team or the world.

Sept 12, 8am PT - PyTorch Reading Group

Time flies, this was already the 3rd week of our PyTorch Reading Group!
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