Webinar: RL experiments w/ Stable-Baselines3 and W&B

Have you tried Stable-Baselines3 yet? If not, there’s still time to learn. Made by Andrea Pessl using Weights & Biases
Andrea Pessl
We put together a showcase where we'll walk you through innovative use cases and how to run RL experiments with Stable-baselines3 and W&B.
Hear how to use SB3 to train agents for video games or performing robotics control. Along the way, we'll dive into experiment tracking, tips on reproducibility, and how to effectively visualize hyperparameters.
💡 This session will be recorded and shared with all registrants!

Register for July 25 and don't forget to bring your SB3 questions

for our special guests, Antonin Raffin, owner of SB3, and Anssi Kanervisto, a contributor to SB3!