Weights & Biases Extends Platform Capabilities, Introducing W&B Weave and Production Monitoring at Fully Connected Conference

Weights & Biases Extends Platform Capabilities, Introducing W&B Weave and Production Monitoring at Fully Connected Conference

June 7, 2023 – San FranciscoWeights & Biases today unveiled W&B Weave and W&B Production Monitoring, two new products that further extend the Weights & Biases’ platform capabilities across the end-to-end ML workflow. The announcements were made during Fully Connected, the company’s inaugural in-person conference dedicated to tackling the most critical topics in machine learning, including generative AI, LLMs, and production ML.

“Since our founding, we’ve been committed to building the best tools for the ML community, and we’re thrilled to welcome thousands of ML practitioners in-person to the Fully Connected conference, our first large-scale in-person event, to explore the future of the industry,” said Shawn Lewis, CTO and Co-Founder, Weights & Biases. “W&B Weave and W&B Monitoring are two products that will have an immediate impact for our users and make it easier to build and monitor models over time, and we’re proud to roll these out today during the event.”

W&B Weave is a toolkit for building data- and ML-powered applications, giving users an easy visual, interactive, and composable way to quickly build and share data and ML apps. The notebook-first experience leverages state-of-the-art techniques and visualizations, making it easy for developers to explore data and experiment with ML building blocks seamlessly. Users can get started with intelligent defaults for standard use cases, as well as evolve customize to their domain and build advanced components over time.

W&B Production Monitoring provides observability for ML models and ML powered applications, enabling fast troubleshooting and continuous production systems improvement. With scalable, performant logging of production data leading to rich interactive connected analytics, users will be able to drill down to the root causes of data drift and model degradation, aided by rich interactive visualizations. Users can also create custom alerts through Automations, and seamlessly incorporate user feedback to continuously improve the model performance as more data comes available.

“W&B Weave and W&B Monitoring are the two latest additions to the product portfolio and continue to extend our support for the end-to-end ML lifecycle which has made Weights & Biases the MLOps platform of choice for ML practitioners, software developers, and MLOps teams,” said Phil Gurbacki, VP of Product at W&B. “Monitoring models is essential to helping teams maintain cutting-edge model performance in production, and ML developers need powerful, customizable tools for exploring data and building ML applications. With these two new releases, we are confident of addressing both critical areas.”

W&B Weave and W&B Production Monitoring are both available now. To learn more about the Weights & Biases developer-first platform and today’s announcement, please visit wandb.com.