Weights & Biases to Host Annual Fully Connected Conference in San Francisco

Weights & Biases to Host Annual Fully Connected Conference in San Francisco

San Francisco, April 11, 2024 – Weights & Biases, the AI developer platform, today announced it is hosting Fully Connected, the annual conference for the generative AI industry, on April 18 in San Francisco. Over 1,000 machine learning practitioners are expected to attend in person at the Marriott Marquis.

The one day event will cover the most important trends impacting machine learning practitioners today, featuring sessions on building and training LLMs, fine-tuning models, managing models in production, productionizing ML at scale, and deploying generative AI applications powered by LLMs. Weights & Biases Co-Founders will join speakers from NVIDIA, Meta, Microsoft, Siemens, Adobe, You.com, LlamaIndex, Lambda, and Together AI. Speakers will share a wide range of generative AI use cases across the automotive, creative, ecommerce, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, and technology industries.

Highlights of the conference include:

  • A keynote from Weights & Biases CEO and Co-Founder Lukas Biewald featuring his perspective on the generative AI industry.
  • A product roadmap session from Weights & Biases CTO and Co-Founder Shawn Lewis, showcasing the latest products and features to support foundation model builders building LLMs, enterprises building and fine-tuning models, and software developers building generative AI applications.
  • Keynotes from Richard Socher, CEO, You.com; Manuvir Das, VP of Enterprise Computing, NVIDIA; Kari Briski, VP Generative AI Software Product Management, NVIDIA; Ersin Yumer, Senior Director of AI/ML Platform and Data, Adobe; and Sri Viswanath, General Partner and Managing Director, Coatue Ventures.
  • Other sessions include Joe Spisak, Head of Generative AI Open Source, Meta; Manash Goswami, Principal Group Program Manager, Azure AI Platform, Microsoft; Jerry Liu, CEO, LlamaIndex; and Dr. Károly Zsolnai-Fehér from Two Minute Papers.

“Generative AI has moved to center stage as all industries look to harness its transformative capabilities,” said Biewald. “Fully Connected represents an opportunity for the builders and the visionaries to share knowledge and advance the state of the art. Come join us for a full day of learning and connection.”

Fully Connected is sponsored by leading investors and companies from across the generative AI ecosystem, including Coatue, Felicis, AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Anyscale, Run:AI, CoreWeave, Together AI, Modelbit, and Lambda. Check out the full agenda and sign up to attend at FullyConnected.com.

About Weights & Biases

Weights & Biases is the leading AI developer platform supporting end-to-end MLOps and LLMOps workflows. Used by over 30 foundation model builders and 1,000 companies to productionize machine learning at scale including teams at OpenAI, Toyota, and Microsoft, Weights & Biases is part of the new standard of best practices for machine learning.