AI’s Future: Investment & Impact with Sarah Guo and Elad Gil

AI’s Future: Investment & Impact with Sarah Guo and Elad Gil

Explore the Future of Investment & Impact in AI with Host Lukas Biewald and Guests Elad Gill and Sarah Guo of the No Priors podcast.

Sarah is the founder of Conviction VC, an AI-centric $100 million venture fund. Elad, a seasoned entrepreneur and startup investor, boasts an impressive portfolio in over 40 companies, each valued at $1 billion or more, and wrote the influential “High Growth Handbook.”

Join us for a deep dive into the nuanced world of AI, where we’ll explore its broader industry impact, focusing on how startups can seamlessly blend product-centric approaches with a balance of innovation and practical development.

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0:00 – Introduction 

5:15 – Exploring Fine-Tuning vs RAG in AI

10:30 – Evaluating AI Research for Investment

15:45 – Impact of AI Models on Product Development

20:00 – AI’s Role in Evolving Job Markets

25:15 – The Balance Between AI Research and Product Development

30:00 – Code Generation Technologies in Software Engineering

35:00 – AI’s Broader Industry Implications

40:00 – Importance of Product-Driven Approaches in AI Startups

45:00 – AI in Various Sectors: Beyond Software Engineering

50:00 – Open Source vs Proprietary AI Models

55:00 – AI’s Impact on Traditional Roles and Industries

1:00:00 – Closing Thoughts 

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