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At Weights & Biases our mission is to build the best tools for machine learning. Our co-founders built Figure Eight, and our tools are being used by cutting-edge machine learning teams including OpenAI, NVIDIA, and Co:here. We’re looking for passionate, driven people who love to learn and collaborate in an inclusive work environment.


At Weights & Biases, we value honesty as the foundation for making informed decisions and addressing challenges head-on as a united team. Our insatiable curiosity drives us to continuously evolve in the rapidly advancing world of machine learning, keeping us at the forefront of innovation. We champion gumption, encouraging boldness in the face of uncertainty, as we believe that progress often requires stepping out of our comfort zones. Above all, we recognize that while talent is significant, it is grit and relentless effort that transform challenges into opportunities for growth. Dive deeper into our ethos in this article by our CEO, Lukas.

Recruitment Scam Alert!

It has come to our attention that there is an increase in recruitment scams. These scams can include fraudulent job postings, interviews, and even job offers from scammers posing as our company or our Talent Acquisition team. Weights & Biases has no affiliation or connection to these scams. We take our candidate’s time and privacy very seriously and want to alert potential candidates seeking to join our company of these scams. 

We highly encourage candidates to apply directly through our careers page ( If you are selected to move on to the next steps of our recruitment process, someone on our Talent Acquisition team will contact you directly from an email address in the following format: 

Identifying Fraud:

Recruitment scams and fraud can come in many forms. We hope that the information below helps you identify and avoid these situations:

  • Please look closely at the name of the sender and domain name associated with any email. Fraudulent domain names may try to mimic official accounts. Weights and Biases’ official domain names are “” and “”. An example of a fraudulent email account is “”. 
  • We use Zoom and Whereby as our video conference applications. Weights and Biases will never ask you to participate in an interview via chat, such as Google Hangouts or WhatsApp.
  • Weights and Biases will never make job offers for jobs you haven’t applied to or have not interviewed for.
  • Weights and Biases will never ask you to act immediately and use fake urgency.
  • Weights and Biases will never require you to provide sensitive personal information, such as your driver’s license, passport or Social Security Number (SSN) during the interview process.
  • Weights and Biases will never ask candidates to provide credit card or bank account information or otherwise transfer money or make any type of personal financial investment related to gaining employment with the company.

If you’re unsure a message is from Weights & Biases, please email with the relevant screenshots. 

Note that our entire People team has verified their employment with Weights & Biases on LinkedIn. This means that if anyone reaches out to you who is not verified, it could be a scam.

We would love to hear from you if you’re interested in joining our company. Please check out our job openings here!