At Weights & Biases our mission is to build the best tools for machine learning. Our experienced technical cofounders built Figure Eight, and our tools are being used by cutting-edge machine learning teams including OpenAI and Toyota. We're looking for passionate, driven people who love to learn and collaborate in an inclusive work environment.


We're building a culture where people love coming to work to build cool things and collaborate with other smart people. It’s important to us that everyone feels comfortable being themselves and being honest with each other, and we get our hands dirty and all of us take responsibility for making our customers successful. We love to work with people who are driven, kind and proactive. We care about diversity and if you are part of an underrepresented minority, we especially encourage you to apply.

We are contributing to responsible AI with tools for transparency and reproducibility in model development and deployment.


As second time founders, our company is small but well funded by top tier investors. We offer market salary, benefits and equity comparable to a Series B startup. When we're not all working from home, our sunny, pet-friendly office is located in the Design District of San Francisco.

Open positions ➞
Lukas Biewald
CEO and Cofounder
Chris Van Pelt
CVP and Cofounder
Shawn Lewis
CTO and Cofounder
Carey Phelps
Head of Product
Altay Guvench
Software Engineer
Tom Holmes
Software Engineer
Cayla Sharp
Jeff Raubitschek
Software Engineer
Stacey Svetlichnaya
Deep Learning Engineer
John Qian
Software Engineer
Kenna Zilis
People Operations
Annirudh Prasad
Software Engineer
Lavanya Shukla
Head of Growth
Adrian Swanberg
Software Engineer
Axel Setyanto
Software Engineer
Suren Hakhnazaryan
Sales Engineer
Sydney Hollingsworth
Technical Support Lead
Dave Shear
Director of Sales
Haruka Tabuchi
Software Engineer
Esteban Gonzales
Charles Frye
Deep Learning Educator
Blake Street
David Jackson
‍Software Engineer
Veronica Jung Yeon Kim
Software Engineer
William Pleskow
Matt Mirick
Customer Success Lead
Phil Mazenett
Head of Solutions Engineering
Kyle Goyette
Software Engineer
Tim Sweeney
Software Engineer
Kat Shuford
UI / UX Designer
Artyom Hakyoban
Technical Support
Ayush Chaurasia
Growth ML Engineer
David Arakelyan
Business Development
Serine Nazaryan
ML Account Development
Elena Khachatryan
Growth Associate
Karlen Avagyan
ML Account Development
Ruzanna Grigoryan
ML Marketing Development
Justin Brooks
Software Engineer
Chief Morale Officer