Fine-tune GPT-4 for your unique use case

Sync your fine-tune runs in two lines of code

Fine-tune your model with OpenAI’s API and sync all your results to your dashboard with just two lines of code.

$ # just two lines of code

from wandb.integration.openai import WandbLogger

# Finetuning logic


Fine-tune your model with OpenAI's API
Sync your results with a single line of code
Explore & track everything in your W&B dashboard
We are excited to use W&B capabilities to monitor the fine-tuning of our OpenAI models that help improve how we understand client feedback at Stitch Fix
Reza Sohrabi
Staff ML Engineer, Stitch Fix Algorithms
With the new W&B and OpenAI integration, we’re able to consolidate experiment tracking of our in-house ML projects and OpenAI fine-tuning projects in one place. This gives us huge time savings towards delivering insights from unstructured data for our customers.
Prem Viswanathan
ML Lead at
We’re big W&B fans here at OpenAI. Since W&B enables tracking progress over time, this integration allows our users who are fine-tuning GPT-3 to iterate faster toward increased accuracy of their production models.
Peter Welinder
VP of Product and Partnerships at OpenAI

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