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At Weights & Biases, we’re pioneering the way that machine learning practitioners collaborate and iterate on machine learning models. 

These whitepapers are designed to help those operating at the cutting edge of machine learning. They focus on some of the core issues affecting the industry and provide actionable insights to help elevate the way your team approaches the entire model lifecycle. 


How to Fine-Tune and Prompt Engineer LLMs

It’s become much more common to either fine-tune or prompt engineer existing LLMs for unique business needs.  

In this guide, you’ll learn fundamentals ranging from how to choose between fine-tuning and prompting, to tips and current best practices for prompt engineering.

How to Train LLMs from Scratch

In this whitepaper, we’ll share what we’ve learned from an insider’s perspective. 

You’ll read about how much data you need to train a competitive LLM, balancing memory and comput efficiency, how to mitigate bias and toxicity in your modeling, and much more.

MLOps: A Holistic Approach

In this whitepaper, we dig into operationalizing ML so your organization can spin up the right models that create real business value, faster. 

We go beyond just suggesting a tech stack and dig deep into three vital areas–people, processes, and platform–to uncover what the most successful organizations do.

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