Developer-First MLOps on NVIDIA Accelerated Computing

Build better models faster with Weights & Biases, the leading developer-first MLOps platform

Unlock your machine learning team’s productivity by optimizing, visualizing, collaborating on, and standardizing their model and data pipelines – regardless of framework, environment, or workflow. As a DGX-ready software provider and available for use with NVIDIA Base Command , Weights & Biases streamlines MLOps for machine learning and deep learning workloads leveraging the power of NVIDIA accelerated computing.
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Dataset and model versioning


Interactive data visualization


Hyperparameter optimization

Hear NVIDIA Founder & CEO Jensen Huang on Our Podcast, Gradient Dissent

We were thrilled to host Jensen Huang on our Gradient Dissent podcast earlier this year for a wide-ranging discussion on everything from gaming to leadership to why we need a virtual world that obeys the laws of physics.

Smart farming with BlueRiver Technologies

John Deere subsidiary, Blue River Technologies, leverages Weights & Biases and NVIDIA Jetson to accelerate building computer vision models for weed detection for targeted crop spraying.

Supercharge your ML practice with NVIDIA and Weights & Biases

Access NVIDIA DGX Foundry and unleash its full power with NVIDIA Base Command in tandem with Weights & Biases.

Our Integration with NVIDIA'S Toolkits

Weights & Biases is integrated with all the most popular machine learning libraries and toolkits including PyTorch, TensorFlow, and Keras. We’re hard at work adding new integrations with NVIDIA, like the NVIDIA-developed toolkit NeMo for speech recognition. Check out the colab below to learn how it works