Developer-First MLOps on NVIDIA Accelerated Computing

Build better models faster with Weights & Biases, the leading developer-first MLOps platform

Unlock your machine learning team’s productivity by optimizing, visualizing, collaborating on, and standardizing their model and data pipelines – regardless of framework, environment, or workflow. As a DGX-ready software provider and available for use with NVIDIA Base Command , Weights & Biases streamlines MLOps for machine learning and deep learning workloads leveraging the power of NVIDIA accelerated computing.

The Weights & Biases platform helps you streamline your workflow from end to end



Track and visualize your ML experiments


Optimize your hyperparameters

Model Registry

Register and manage your ML models


Trigger workflows automatically


Package and run your ML workflow jobs



Explore and
debug LLMs


Rigorous evaluations of GenAI applications



Version and manage your ML pipelines


Visualize and explore your ML data


Document and share your ML insights

Hear NVIDIA Founder & CEO Jensen Huang on Our Podcast, Gradient Dissent

We were thrilled to host Jensen Huang on our Gradient Dissent podcast earlier this year for a wide-ranging discussion on everything from gaming to leadership to why we need a virtual world that obeys the laws of physics.

Smart farming with BlueRiver Technologies

John Deere subsidiary, Blue River Technologies, leverages Weights & Biases and NVIDIA Jetson to accelerate building computer vision models for weed detection for targeted crop spraying.

Supercharge your ML practice with NVIDIA and Weights & Biases

Access NVIDIA DGX Foundry and unleash its full power with NVIDIA Base Command in tandem with Weights & Biases.

Our Integration with NVIDIA'S Toolkits

Weights & Biases is integrated with all the most popular machine learning libraries and toolkits including PyTorch, TensorFlow, and Keras. We’re hard at work adding new integrations with NVIDIA, like the NVIDIA-developed toolkit NeMo for speech recognition. Check out the colab below to learn how it works