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From generative media and personalization systems to sentiment analysis and augmented experiences, AI and machine learning are changing how we interact with the world around us. See why MLOps teams at media, entertainment, and consumer brands rely on Weights & Biases to stay ahead of the competition.

Trusted by the biggest media and entertainment companies in the world

Pandora, a leading audio entertainment streaming service, uses W&B to streamline model development and improve recommender systems.
Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies (MARZ) relies on W&B to ensure the best models get deployed in production as they drive the future of VFX for hit TV shows.

Kabam, a leading mobile gaming company, relies on W&B to keep their games fun–and balanced–when they release new features.

Enhance customer personalization by increasing modeling scale

Weights & Biases is ideally suited to help scale up recommender and personalization systems, and is built to handle large-scale and complex models. Feed and train more data, and run significantly more experiments to continuously fine-tune the personalizations you serve up to customers.

Optimize and fine-tune your NLP models in real-time

Improve your natural language processing models for customer care chatbots, sentiment analysis, content moderation, or entity recognition use cases. W&B’s Experiment Tracking, Hyperparameter Tuning, and Artifact logging—all in one collaborative platform—makes it easy toquickly identify model failure points and make adjustments to keep model performance high in an ever-changing media landscape.

Build unbiased, explainable models

Consumer trust is paramount in the media and entertainment industries, and Weights & Biases’ continuous insights into model behavior and bias detection help you ensure explainability and inclusivity. Use configurable visualizations and templated reports to communicate with key stakeholders on market sentiment and saturation, and ensure full collaboration in experiment analysis and research.

Reproducibility and explainability out of the box

Weights & Biases is your powerful system of all ML records. Capture every detail of your ML activities, versions, and changes, so you can reproduce models in seconds. Record model evolutions and compare metrics, lineages, and datasets. Update and rollback models with ease and keep compliance documentation at your fingertips.

Work securely in your chosen environment

Power up your models without sacrificing security. Deploy Weights & Biases in the cloud or on-prem with custom permissions and data obfuscation to fit your privacy protocols. Easily import and export everything logged. Keep all your data yours.

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The Weights & Biases platform helps you streamline your workflow from end to end



Track and visualize your ML experiments


Optimize your hyperparameters

Model Registry

Register and manage your ML models


Trigger workflows automatically


Package and run your ML workflow jobs



Explore and
debug LLMs


Rigorous evaluations of GenAI applications



Version and manage your ML pipelines


Visualize and explore your ML data


Document and share your ML insights

Build better personalization models and enhance audience experience with Weights & Biases