Advance scientific discovery and innovation with Weights & Biases

Whether it’s small molecule drug discovery (SMDD), medical imaging, predictive diagnostics, or analyzing clinical trial notes with LLMs, W&B helps scientists push groundbreaking research forward.

Trusted by the most innovative healthcare and life science institutions in the world

OpenFold, a leading AI research and development consortium for biology and drug discovery, accelerated their reproduction of AlphaFold 2 with W&B.

Invitae, one of the fastest-growing genetic testing companies in the world, uses W&B to run rapid machine learning experiments to ultimately bring the power of genetic insights to everyone.

Northwestern Medicine, one of the largest care providers in the U.S., built an LLM-powered app that helped them uncover critical patient information and book thousands of vital follow ups.

Streamline your R&D workflows

Streamline R&D with W&B’s centralized model and experiment system for improved collaboration, observability, and reproducibility. Accelerate discovery by sharing insights in real-time.


Industry-leading security and compliance

W&B is SOC 2 Type II compliant with robust enterprise-grade information security policies. Our SaaS offering is fully GDPR-compliant and Privacy Shield-certified. W&B also supports enterprise installations in private cloud and on-prem clusters that can plug in easily with other tools in your ML workflow.

Track data lineage throughout a project’s lifecycle so you never lose work

Weights & Biases gives you meticulous tracking and deep insights into your model and data lineage in a single, centralized location. This not only allows you to deeply understand and interpret your models but also comply with any reporting and regulatory requirements.


Power personalized experiences and visualizations

Run large scale experiments concurrently and get powerful, customizable visualizations in a unified dashboard. Combine rich media like images, videos, and audio alongside performance metrics for analysis. W&B’s interactive queries and configurable tables makes understanding your data— SMDD, DTI, medical imaging, or more—simple.


Fully managed and enterprise-ready–with flexible deployments

Healthcare data is extremely sensitive and Weights & Biases deploys flexibly in your organization to make sure that data is handled with care. While we support multi-tenant cloud deployments, our healthcare customers generally prefer a single-tenant or customer-managed option.  

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The Weights & Biases platform helps you streamline your workflow from end to end



Track and visualize your ML experiments


Optimize your hyperparameters

Model Registry

Register and manage your ML models


Trigger workflows automatically


Package and run your ML workflow jobs



Explore and
debug LLMs


Rigorous evaluations of GenAI applications



Version and manage your ML pipelines


Visualize and explore your ML data


Document and share your ML insights

Build trusted, explainable models in healthcare with Weights & Biases