Unlock the potential of AI for critical government agencies with Weights & Biases

From fraud detection and threat prevention to critical infrastructure security and enhanced service experiences, W&B helps transform impossible missions into reality.

Trusted by leading public sector agencies, used to solve the nation’s most critical missions

In national defense, agencies use W&B to analyze geospatial data, optimize object detection models, and build robots to make our nation a safer place.

In the energy community, agencies use W&B to build fraud detection and cybersecurity solutions that ensure the safety of critical assets and the security of the nation’s data.

Public health organizations use W&B to build chatbots for patient care and leverage natural language processing to better manage electronic health records.

Predict accurately, act proactively

Conquer the most mission-critical problems with Weights & Biases’ collaborative & visual MLOps platform. Gain insights instantly and build models iteratively for optimal outcome. Act early and proactively to minimize adversarial impact and stay ahead of potential threats.

Build intelligence & robustness with a modern ML stack

Modernize your ML stack and unlock cutting-edge use cases and best practices with W&B. From computer vision and time-series predictions, to chatbots and autonomous systems, turn ML innovations into solutions that lead to better outcomes for our citizens

Build trusted models with explainability and fairness

Explainability and fairness are the keys to public trust. Gain continuous insights into model behavior and detect bias instantly with Weights & Biases. Easily communicate results with key stakeholders using custom visuals and templated reports. Trust made easy with W&B.

Reproducibility and compliance out of the box

Weights & Biases is your powerful system of all ML records. Capture every detail of your ML activities, versions, and changes to reproduce models in seconds. Record model evolutions and compare metrics, lineages, and datasets. Update and rollback models with ease and keep compliance documentation at your fingertips.

Work securely in your chosen environment

Power up your models without sacrificing security. Deploy Weights & Biases in the cloud or on-prem with custom permissions and data obfuscation to fit your privacy protocols. Easily import and export everything logged. Keep all your data secure.

See W&B in action

The Weights & Biases platform helps you streamline your workflow from end to end



Track and visualize your ML experiments


Optimize your hyperparameters

Model Registry

Register and manage your ML models


Trigger workflows automatically


Package and run your ML workflow jobs



Explore and
debug LLMs


Rigorous evaluations of GenAI applications



Version and manage your ML pipelines


Visualize and explore your ML data


Document and share your ML insights

Build robustness and deliver better public services with Weights & Biases