Trusted by cutting-edge research institutions and innovative tech startups

Capella Space, an innovative aerospace and satellite imaging company, uses W&B to optimize disaster response, maritime domain awareness, and defense & intelligence.

Covariant, a cutting-edge Robotics & AI company, uses W&B to build warehouse robots that automate tasks like object picking, sorting, kitting, and more.

Sylvera, a pioneering carbon intelligence company, uses W&B to optimize their carbon intelligence algorithms and generate high-quality carbon credit ratings to their end customers.

Rich & flexible visualizations for instant insights

Instantly log any data type - including geospatial, climatic, agricultural, simulation, robotics, rich media data and more - and produce detailed visualizations for deep analysis. Discover the hidden patterns and insights with the help of interactive queries and configurable plots.

Scale up your collaborative and agile experimentation

Reduce your R&D lifecycle drastically by scaling up your number of concurrent experiments by a significant order of magnitude, with full tracking and reproducibility for each experiment. Share and study collaborative dashboards and reports. Visualize, debug, and analyze performance in real-time to iterate fast and achieve breakthroughs.

Ensure reproducibility and regulatory compliance

Scale training from your laptop to distributed environments, with full model reproducibility. Easily and securely access compute environments while skipping the complexity of infrastructure management. Get the most out of your resources with real-time system monitoring.

Fits seamlessly into your workflow and community

W&B easily integrates with 9,000+ ML repos and is interoperable with a wide variety of popular ML tools across the experimentation lifecycle. Showcase your work with customizable profiles that help with benchmarking exercises, social attraction, and community collaboration.

Trusted and cited by hundreds of cutting-edge researchers globally

Weights & Biases has been cited by more than 500+ papers published by some of the world’s leading universities and research institutions. From climate science and medical research to fundamental breakthroughs in NLP and computer vision, W&B’s MLOps platform has played a major role in accelerating and optimizing research across the ML lifecycle.

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Classification of astrophysical events with ACAI

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Drought Watch Benchmark Baseline Development with W&B

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Planetary Well-Being Metrics Analysis with W&B

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Accelerate scientific research and achieve breakthroughs with Weights & Biases