Introducing Bag of Words: The W&B Newsletter

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Justin Tenuto
Want to stay up to date on all the various W&B events, product releases, and related happenings? Well, we launched a newsletter today for just that reason. Here's how to sign up and what to expect if you do:

How to sign up

Just head back to Fully Connected and you'll see a subscribe link in the upper right below our description:
Click that little gray button and you're all set.

What to expect

We'll be sending our newsletter twice a month. It'll contain our favorite reports from Fully Connected as well as upcoming events like our Paper Reading Group, fastbook sessions, and webinars, plus product updates or any particularly interesting news from the ML community we think you might enjoy.
That said, it's probably better to just show you the newsletter we sent out today rather than explain it.
Welcome to Bag of Words, a bi-weekly machine learning newsletter from your friends at Weights & Biases.
Every couple weeks, we’ll bring you a brief, digestible look at what’s going on in ML, what events we’re hosting for our community, and any W&B happenings and product releases you might've missed. Without further ado, let’s get into it:


RECURRING EVENT (Wednesdays) - Learn deep learning with fastbook
Over the next 20 weeks, we’ll be leading an interactive read-through of fastbook! This is a great opportunity for more beginner and intermediate ML practitioners to learn how to train and improve their models, implement deep learning algorithms from scratch, and a whole lot more.
RECURRING EVENT (Tuesdays) - W&B’s Paper Reading Group
If you’re a bit further along in your ML journey and want to join a vibrant discussion about deep learning research papers, we host a paper reading group twice a month. Led by our own Aman Arora, these interactive sessions are a great way to better understand computer vision, get real questions answered, and meet other ML practitioners.
ONE-TIME EVENT (This Thursday) - AMA with Graphcore’s Phil Brown
Want to learn anything about creating the hardware that’s powering the next generation of big, SOTA models like BERT? Graphcore’s Director of Applications Phil Brown will be stopping by on Thursday, June 10th to answer your questions. You can learn a little more about what they do here.
WEBINAR (Next Thursday) - Boosting Models and Time Series Forecasting Models with W&B
W&B isn’t just for deep learning. Join us next Thursday as Morgan McGuire walks you through a pair of traditional ML projects: creating interpretable credit scorecards with XGBoost and forecasting electricity prices with time series data.


Finally, here are a few of our favorite W&B reports & Kaggle kernels from the past couple weeks:
SPOTLIGHT: We’re proud to be part of how Lyft fuses lidar, radar, and camera sensors in their autonomous vehicle research.
COMPETE: If you’re currently participating in the COVID challenge on Kaggle or are considering joining, this Kaggle kernel is a great addition.
RESEARCH: Dig into a paper on ConViT, an architecture that combines the benefits of CNNs and Transformers, in this interactive post.
LEARN: Want to learn about the theory behind weight initialization? Author Saurav Maheshkar has you covered.
LISTEN: What could make AI conscious? Wojciech Zaremba, the co-founder of OpenAI joined our podcast to talk about that and a whole lot more.
That’s it for now! Thanks for reading and we’ll send you another edition of Bag of Words in a couple weeks!
And that's it. If you have anything you'd like us to include or any suggestions, just let us know in the comments below. Have a great rest of your week!