Track your progress,
take notes, and share findings.

Work log
Keep track of what you’ve tried, and plan next steps.
Seamless Sharing
Share graphs, notes and dynamic runsets with flexible formats.
Easily invite collaborators to edit and comment.
Collaborative Report
It's never been easier to share updates with your coworkers. Explain how your model works, show graphs of how your model versions improved, discuss bugs, and demonstrate progress towards milestones.

Report comment
Make live comments, describe your findings, and take snapshots of your work log.

Flexible export
Say goodbye to screenshots and unorganized notes. You can easily export your report as a LaTeX zip file or  convert the file to PDF.


Authors use Weights & Biases to track and visualize ML experiments, and write reports to explain and showcase their work.

OpenAI Jukebox
Exploring generative models that create music based on raw audio
Digital Lighting Effects
Use RGB-space geometry to generate digital painting lighting effects
Political Advertising
Fuzzy string search (or binary matching) on entity names from receipt PDFs
Visualize Model Predictions
Visualize images, videos, audio, tables, HTML, metrics, 3d objects, point clouds
Driver's View
Semantic segmentation for scene parsing on Berkeley Deep Drive 100K
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