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  • Reduce your time to market

  • Ensure transparency around model-building workflows

  • Achieve compliance

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W&B has been named a Gartner Cool Vendor for 2021


Why companies choose Weights & Biases

Unparalleled data security

Install in private cloud and on-prem

Complete pipeline

See every step of your data & model pipeline

Infinite scalability

We don't drop your data ever

Enterprise-level support

12 x 5 Support, Named Technical Support Resource, and more


Engineering-driven company with deep ties to ML community

The end-to-end solution for software 2.0

Create better machine learning products, faster.  Weights & Biases offers everything you need to get your ML products into the hands of your consumers quickly.

Software 1.0 - Write Code

Version Code
Code & Collaborate
Deploy to Infra
Production Monitoring

Software 2.0 - Train Models

Prep & Visualize Data
Version Data & Models
Experiment Tracking
Manage Model Pipeline
Model CI/CD
Production Monitoring

We’re proud to partner with NVIDIA’s Base Command Platform


Deep platform with interoperable applications

Pick the tools that solve your problems best. With W&B, you're not locked in to an end-to-end platform. We pride ourselves on making our tools play well with other systems.



Protect and manage valuable IP

Use this central platform to reliably track all your organization's machine learning models, from experimentation to production. Centrally manage access controls and artifact audit logs, with a complete model history that enables traceable model results.


Reliable records for auditing models

We've enabled customers to reproduce ML models in minutes vs. days or weeks. Capture all the inputs, transformations, and systems involved in building a production model. Safeguard valuable intellectual property with all the necessary context to understand and build upon models, even after team members leave.

Organizational efficiency

Move quickly on big projects and make handoffs seamless.

With W&B, your company can stay focused on the hard machine learning problems. Let us take care of tracking all the details to make the models reproducible.

Scalability & reliability

Whether you have a team of 5 or 500, use Weights & Biases to empower your team to share insights, build models faster, and scale with your ever-growing ML initiatives.


Still working with a collection of screenshots, text files, and slide decks to share findings? An ad-hoc system is time-consuming and scattered, and work is not discoverable. With W&B Reports, companies can centralize all of that information, work, and cobbling together of different things into one streamlined process to document work, share insights, collaborate with your team and business stakeholders.

Robot hand manipulating cube with letters on each face

Learning Dexterity End-to-End

By Alex Paino

How the OpenAI Robotics team uses W&B Reports runs a massive machine learning project.

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Private Cloud
Compliance and attestations

GDPR SOC 2® Type 2


Data Security

Install in private cloud and on-prem

Data security is a cornerstone of our machine learning platform. We support enterprise installations in private cloud and on-prem clusters, and plug in easily with other enterprise-grade tools in your machine learning workflow.

You own your data

Everything you log to Weights & Biases is yours, including your training data, code, configuration and hyperparameters, output metrics, analysis, and saved model files. You can choose to log, export, publish, or delete any of these.

Key values of
Weights & Biases

How our lightweight, interoperable tools empower your ML team

Production model lineage

Version and track every artifact in your model pipeline

Reproducibility at scale

Know where a model comes from end to end and what is running where.

Dataset versioning

  • Reliably capture all changes to the data you're using to train your models.

  • Save datasets in any system: GCP, AWS, Azure, or even uploaded directly to W&B servers.

  • Clearly identify what downstream steps in your pipeline were affected by a change in data.

Model management

  • Capture all of your trained models in one central system.

  • Maintain a clear picture of all the data, preprocessing, and evaluation that was done on each model.

  • Trace back the lineage of any production model to the exact code and data that it was trained on.

Key insights from artifacts

  • What data was this production model trained on?

  • How did relabeling a chunk of data affect the accuracy of this model?

  • This data was corrupted — what downstream models were affected by this issue?

  • How did changing this preprocessing step affect model accuracy?

Persistent knowledge base

Capture valuable insights centrally

A lab notebook for every ML experiment

Every time you run a new experiment, W&B captures the changes you made and gives you a place to jot down notes. Quickly compare your latest results with previous baselines.

Reproduce any experiment

Automatically track the exact version of the code, hyperparameters, and even the dataset your model trained on. Trace back exactly where your resulting models came from.

Transparent, understandable results

Annotate findings inside the central W&B system so your models can speak for themselves. Use interactive notes, comments, and reports to clearly explain your research.

Key insights from a persistent knowledge base

  • Where are all the model files stored for this project?

  • What have we tried already, and what avenues should we explore next for improving this model?

  • What are the key findings from this research?

Customer stories

Toyota Research Institute

Deep learning researchers at Toyota use Weights & Biases to collaborate, streamlining their workflow and creating a living history of their progress.



Peter Welinder from OpenAI Robotics describes his process using Weights & Biases to track his team's massive distributed training runs.


Access the white paper

Peruse our findings on how building the right technical stack for your machine learning team support core business efforts and safeguards IP.

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