Effortless pipeline tracking and production model management

Lightweight pipeline
We take care of your end-to-end machine learning pipeline - data preparation, data versioning, training, and evaluation - with a simple dashboard.
Dataset versioning
Understand the changes associated with datasets using sophisticated checksums and diff tracking.
Securely record every version of your dataset - dependency, configuration, production - with a single line of code.
Dependency graph of datasets
Effortless observability
Add just a few lines to your scripts and we'll build a dependency graph for you, on your premises or in the cloud. Trace the flow of data through your pipeline, so you know exactly which datasets feed into your models.
Incremental tracking
Incremental tracking
Freely refine your datasets and models. We'll track the evolution of your data over time and preserve checkpoints of your best performing models.
Data Access controls
Data Access controls
Regulate and monitor access to your sensitive data. We'll manage references to data in your private buckets, so the contents of your files never leave your premises.
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