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W&B Events for the Week of November 15
Rajne Kumari
Chai Time Kaggle Talks w/ Anjum Sayed
Andrea Pessl
Kaggle's MMLM 2021-NCAAW-Spread
Ruchi Bhatia
II. Shopee Competition: Model Training with Pytorch x RAPIDS
Andrada Olteanu
I. Shopee Competition: EDA and Preprocessing
Andrada Olteanu
Indoor Navigation: Complete Data Understanding
Andrada Olteanu
Predicting Diabetes Mellitus
Andrada Olteanu
Getting Started with Numerai Signals: Sentiment Analysis
Carlo Lepelaars
Kaggle License Plate Detection
Aritra Roy Gosthipaty
Survival of the Fittest CNN Model
Aritra Roy Gosthipaty, Puja Roychowdhury
The Evolution Of Mobile CNN Architectures
Carlo Lepelaars
Melanoma Detection Using Weights & Biases
Anshul Sharma
Tips for Kagglers From A Solo Silver Medal Winner
Aman Dalmia
How to get Started With Numerai
Carlo Lepelaars
Automate Kaggle model training with Skorch and W&B
Ayush Chaurasia
Using W&B in a Kaggle Competition
Lavanya Shukla
Kaggle Starter Kernel - Jigsaw Multilingual Toxic Comment Classification
Sayak Paul