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Below, you’ll find everything from case studies and tutorials to podcasts and free ML courses. If you’re new to our platform, we recommend checking out our end-to-end demo to learn how W&B can help at every level of the model development and deployment cycle.

Interactive machine learning courses from W&B

MLOps Whitepaper

Learn how to operationalize your ML function so your organization can spin up models that create real business value, faster

Customer success stories

How Microsoft Leveraged Weights & Biases to Build the Models Behind Ink

“We were drawn to W&B because we realized our existing approach just didn’t work with a remote team. W&B is a much better home for our experimentation results. Plus it’s super easy to use. ”

Lyft’s High-Capacity End-to-End Camera-Lidar Fusion for 3D Detection

“[With Weights & Biases] we demonstrated our workflow in training high-capacity models, reducing overfitting while increasing model capacity, and maintaining fast iteration speed.”

Toyota Research Institute Tracks Experiments using Weights & Biases

“Weights & Biases is a key piece of our fast-paced, cutting-edge, large-scale research workflow: great flexibility, performance, and user experience.”

Scaling IPU Experimentation to Support Next Generation of Large Models with the Help of Weights & Biases

“We’re now driving 50 to 100 times more experiments [with W&B] versus what we were doing before on the Mk1 IPU systems.”

AI for AG: Production Machine Learning for Agriculture

“To monitor and evaluate our machine learning runs, we have found the Weights & Biases platform to be the best solution. Their API makes it fast to integrate W&B logging into an existing codebase.”

How Woven Leverages W&B to Drive Continuous Learning

“Experiment tracking has given us 10x velocity and enabled us to share results with each other much faster, with tractability and traceability”

Making Simulations More Human with Inverted AI

“We got to the point where we had so many models and data versions that we simply couldn’t manually keep track of all of them. Once we started taking advantage of Artifacts, it’s been very helpful.”

How Socure Fights Fraud with Machine Learning

“Weights & Biases gave our team a full and complete understanding of our model’s lineage, from datasets to training to production artifacts. We saw a 15% increase in our model building efficiency while saving about 15% on hardware spend on top of that.”

Leveraging AI for Visual FX at MARZ

“Once people started seeing the value of W&B, it kind of just exploded, and everyone on the ML team now builds everything on it in the company.”

LLM whitepaper

Companies like OpenAI and Stability rely on W&B to train their generative models. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how to fine-tune and prompt engineer the right model for your use case.

Listen to Gradient Dissent, our podcast with ML pioneers

W&B events

Companies like OpenAI and Stability rely on W&B to train their generative models. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how to train your own.

See W&B in action on our blog, Fully Connected

What is your current MLOps maturity?

Learn how far your organization has to go to reach the elite level of MLOps maturity with this interactive assessment

The Weights & Biases platform helps you streamline your workflow from end to end



Track and visualize your ML experiments


Optimize your hyperparameters

Model Registry

Register and manage your ML models


Trigger workflows automatically


Package and run your ML workflow jobs



Explore and
debug LLMs


Rigorous evaluations of GenAI applications



Version and manage your ML pipelines


Visualize and explore your ML data


Document and share your ML insights

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