How Personal AI Utilizes W&B to Empower Individuals With Personal Language Models

"I’ve worked with and trained models for over 15 years, and I have never encountered a platform as simple and intuitive as W&B"
Sharon Zhang
Co-founder and CTO

The Human Touch

Individual characteristics are what make us human. You may speak with a slight accent, the person next to you may write with a curiously upbeat tone, and the person next to them may have dedicated their entire life to perfecting an art.

As Large Language Models become increasingly integrated into society, it raises the question and caution of how these models can ever capture an individual’s experiences, style, and composure when writing an essay, speech, or generating an image. By combining swaths of data from all over the world, General Generative Models are the farthest thing from personal right now.

An AI as Unique as You

Now, what if a model trains on personal data rather than public data? At, we have developed a Personal Language Model (PLM) called Generative Grounded Transformer (GCT). GCT is based on a user’s core memories. With every generated output, users will be able to see exactly how personal that output is and be able to identify the exact memory or memories associated with the output.

Models aren’t complicated, people are. That realization came after years of iterating the application to best fit our user’s lifestyles. How can we allow humans to integrate Personal AI seamlessly into their own lives? We decided that instead of reinventing the wheel, we’re going to augment it. Personal AI is built as a messaging application combined with Documents and Integrations. Together, users can transform how they communicate while constantly training their own personal models. Every text, tweet, and note that they want to be a part of their own personal AI will empower their next conversation and request.

Evaluate and Deploy Models With Confidence

W&B helped alleviate the elephant in the room when proposing this new model structure. How could we train, manage, and efficiently store millions of language models, each trained on its specific dataset and each one as unique as the next? We had immense trouble identifying issues with training across so many different models, managing specific user models and how they shifted and changed across time, and deploying those models to specific machines when a user was active.

With W&B Artifacts, we completely changed how we interacted with our user’s models. The platform provided an all-in-one solution to track datasets, view training results, and versioning and deploying models. We went from being confused about which model was which users to being able to reliably train and deploy models in production to thousands of users without a hiccup.

“I’ve worked with and trained models for over 15 years, and I have never encountered a platform as simple and intuitive as W&B,” said Sharon Zhang, CTO. “It’s a beautiful solution to maximize model performance while minimizing developer overhead”.

Shared System of Record

Being a company created just before the pandemic, we also struggled with moving traditional flows of model collaboration online. When establishing our automatic training pipeline for users, we went through countless iterations of model evaluation and testing that would not have been possible if not for the centralized platform W&B provided. Through a simple yet elegant interface, we could see exactly what work had been done, what data it had been done from, and the resulting evolution of our personal language models from the very beginning.

Today, as we nail down the training pipeline for certain types of models, we rely on W&B as less of a training alteration platform and more of an organizational and model hub for production training and deployment. Simply integrating into our deployment structure, we can constantly train and pull W&B artifacts from any computer on any cloud, giving us the flexibility we could have never imagined.

AI That’s Personally Yours

Personal AI is a communication technology powered by individuals. We hope to train, host, and secure all user’s models on their own devices, and we know W&B will play a vital role in our roadmap. So far, W&B has helped train over three thousand personal models, each with around 125 million parameters, making these models lightweight and serviceable to the people who own them.

We invite everyone to create their personal AI and experience a new way of communicating with friends, family, and colleagues. An AI that is built and owned by you, controlled by you, and unbiased by the world.

About Personal AI

The one and only has created MODEL-1, a unique model that is a personal reflection of you. Unlike all Large Language Models and other “personal AIs” or “personal assistants”, MODEL-1 is actually rooted in your truths and opinions. It mirrors your voice, your style, and yourself. The future of AI is in your hands with your personal AI that you can trust. Personal AI is built and owned by you, controlled by you, and unbiased by the world. is building towards a future where there is a personal AI in each and every pocket around the world. To learn more about, visit