Data Security and Privacy

Your Data Privacy

We deeply value security, and you have control of any data you upload to Weights & Biases. You have the rights to your own data, your models, and your code. We roll aggregate statistics about users, but we won't publish any of your private work without your permission.

All users have access to private projects. In a private project, all your work is hidden from the public internet, and other public users will not be able to view your work. If you use our Private Teams feature, you can create projects that will only be visible to you and other team members.

In the spirit of openness and collaboration, we encourage people to make their projects public. If you have a project you're particularly proud of, send us a message and we'll highlight your project in the featured gallery.

Our Values

We believe that the future of machine learning depends on researchers and engineers maintaining a collaborative spirit and a willingness to openly share results. The reason we're building these developer tools is to make the whole field more productive. If we can collectively focus on making good things, we won't be tempted to deploy models that are just "good enough." 

Data Features

1) Data API: if you'd like to export your data at any time, we provide a full API to access any data you've logged with W&B. [link to data API]

2) Cloud Hosting: All your data is hosted in our Google Cloud instance. We use industry-standard security protocols to ensure that only you are able to access the data you send to us.

3) On Prem and Private Cloud: If you're interested in even higher security offerings, we have private cloud and on-prem installation options.