W&B LLM Monitoring Private Preview

Gain full visibility into your ML models and data applications with W&B LLM Monitoring, the observability platform tailored specifically for large language models and their applications. LLM Monitoring enables continuous model monitoring, evaluation and improvement with a unified production system of record.

• Interactive observability visualizations

• Use-case-driven default analytics with powerful customizability

• The flexibility and composability ML teams need


W&B LLM Monitoring is currently in Private Preview – sign up for Early Access here to be among the first to try it out!


Trusted by the teams building state-of-the-art LLMs

Heinrich Kuttler
Research Engineer – Facebook AI Research
“For us, Weights and Biases was a game-changer. No other MLOps tool available allows for rapid iteration of AI experiments with the same ease of sharing results, annotating interesting behavior, and long-term storage of logging data.”
Peter Welinder
VP of Product- OpenAI
“We use W&B for pretty much all of our model training.”
Ellie Evans
Product Manager- Cohere
“W&B lets us examine all of our candidate models at once. This is vital for understanding which model will work best for each customer. Reports have [also] been great for us. They allow us to seamlessly communicate nuanced technical information in a way that’s digestible for non-technical teams.”