Cristóbal Valenzuela — The Next Generation of Content Creation and AI

Cristóbal Valenzuela — The Next Generation of Content Creation and AI

Cristóbal Valenzuela is co-founder and CEO of Runway ML, a startup that’s building the future of AI-powered content creation tools. Runway’s research areas include diffusion systems for image generation.

Cris gives a demo of Runway’s video editing platform. Then, he shares how his interest in combining technology with creativity led to Runway, and where he thinks the world of computation and content might be headed to next. Cris and Lukas also discuss Runway’s tech stack and research.

Show notes (transcript and links):

⏳ Timestamps:

0:00 Intro

1:06 How Runway uses ML to improve video editing

6:04 A demo of Runway’s video editing capabilities

13:36 How Cris entered the machine learning space

18:55 Cris’ thoughts on the future of ML for creative use cases

28:46 Runway’s tech stack

32:38 Creativity, and keeping humans in the loop

36:15 The potential of audio generation and new mental models

40:01 Outro

🎥 Runway’s AI Film Festival is accepting submissions through January 23! 🎥

They are looking for art and artists that are at the forefront of AI filmmaking. Submissions should be between 1-10 minutes long, and a core component of the film should include generative content


📝 Links

📍 “High-Resolution Image Synthesis with Latent Diffusion Models” (Rombach et al., 2022)”, the research paper behind Stable Diffusion:

📍 Lexman Artificial, a 100% AI-generated podcast:

Connect with Cris and Runway:

📍 Cris on Twitter:

📍 Runway on Twitter:

📍 Careers at Runway:

💬 Host: Lukas Biewald

📹 Producers: Riley Fields, Angelica Pan

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