Jehan Wickramasuriya — AI in High-Stress Scenarios

Jehan Wickramasuriya — AI in High-Stress Scenarios

Jehan Wickramasuriya is the Vice President of AI, Platform & Data Services at Motorola Solutions, a global leader in public safety and enterprise security.

In this episode, Jehan discusses how Motorola Solutions uses AI to simplify data streams to help maximize human potential in high-stress situations. He also shares his thoughts on augmenting synthetic data with real data and the challenges posed in partnering with startups.

Show notes (transcript and links):

⏳ Timestamps:

00:00 Intro

00:42 How AI fits into the safety/security industry

09:33 Event matching and object detection

14:47 Running models on the right hardware

17:46 Scaling model evaluation

23:58 Monitoring and evaluation challenges

26:30 Identifying and sorting issues

30:27 Bridging vision and language domains

39:25 Challenges and promises of natural language technology

41:35 Production environment

43:15 Using synthetic data

49:59 Working with startups

53:55 Multi-task learning, meta-learning, and user experience

56:44 Optimization and testing across multiple platforms

59:36 Outro

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