The easiest way to collaborate on machine learning projects
The complete toolkit for machine learning experiment tracking, dataset versioning, and model management
Optimize quickly
With just a few lines of code, track and compare hundreds of versions of your models and optimize results.
Realtime debugging
Visualize predictions during training and identify common cases where different models perform poorly.
Centralized dashboard
Store your data anywhere and track dataset and model versions, making remote collaboration a breeze.
Free for Academics
We're offering free teams for academic and open source researchers. Contact us to get started, and start using tools for fast collaboration, experimentation, and reproducibility.
Central, cloud-hosted dashboard
Unlimited private projects
Hyperparameter optimization tools
Effortless collaboration
How to cite W&B
If you're writing a paper or article about a project that used our tools, we'd love it if you cited us. Here's a generated BibTeX citation for our website that will help point people to our tools.
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