Support Policy

Last updated: December 15, 2023

This Support Policy (“Policy”) is made a part of and incorporated by reference into the Master Service Agreement (“Agreement”) between W&B and Customer. Any capitalized terms not defined in this Policy shall have the meanings provided in the Agreement.

1. Definitions

  1. Error” means a reproducible failure of the Software or Service to perform in substantial conformity with the Documentation, resulting in the inability to use, or a material restriction in the use of, the Software or Service.

  2. Escalation” means the process by which W&B will work continuously, at multiple levels of its organization, to provide a Resolution.

  3. Resolution” means a resolution or workaround that addresses the Error.

  4. “Start Time means the time at which W&B first becomes aware of an Error during W&B’s Support hours, following receipt of a Support request submitted by Customer in accordance with this Policy.

2. Support Hours

Support will be provided during Business Days.  “Business Days” means Monday through Friday, except for national holidays, in the applicable country and time zone indicated below.

    1. Enterprise Customers worldwide except Japan: 2AM to 5PM US Pacific Time

    2. Enterprise Customers in Japan*: 9AM to 5PM Japan Standard Time

    3. All other Customers: 9AM to 5PM US Pacific Time

      *Inquiries accepted in Japanese language

3. Submission

Customer must notify W&B via email at  W&B’s obligation to provide Support is conditioned upon Customer providing information and cooperation to W&B as reasonably required by W&B, including making reasonable efforts to resolve the Error after consulting with W&B and procuring, installing and maintaining all equipment, software or  hardware necessary to operate the Software or Service. W&B reserves the right to terminate a Support case when it reasonably determines that it has provided a satisfactory Resolution.

4. W&B Response

If W&B determines that an Error has occurred after receiving a Support request, W&B will assign a priority level to such Error and will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond and provide a Resolution in accordance with the table below. If an Error is not addressed within the applicable Resolution Time, W&B will commence an Escalation. W&B calculates all Response Times and Resolutions Times from the Start Time.

Priority Level Description Response Time Resolution Time
1 Major Error: Error causes major degradation such that the Software or Service is inaccessible or inoperative to all users, or prevents all users from accessing the Service and such Error cannot be circumvented with a workaround. Within 2 hours 72 hours
2 Significant Error: Error causes significant degradation such that the Software or Service is materially impaired to all users and such Error cannot be circumvented with a workaround. Within 4 hours 2 weeks
3 Minor Error: Error causes minor degradation such that the Software or Service is impaired to all users but such Error can be circumvented with a workaround. Within 8 hours The parties will agree in writing to a commercially reasonable time frame for a proposed resolution

5. Exclusions

W&B will have no obligation to provide Support to the extent that such Error arises from or relates to: (a) modifications to the Software or Service by any party other than W&B; (b) use of the Software or Service in a computing environment that does not meet the system requirements set forth in the Documentation; (c) failure of the Software or Service to interoperate with any other software or systems, except to the extent that such interoperability is expressly authorized in the Documentation; (d) breakdowns, fluctuations or interruptions in electric power or the telecommunications network; (e) any Error that is not reproducible by W&B; (f) Customer’s equipment or third-party products, equipment or services; (g) Customer’s violation of the Agreement, or (h) Beta features.